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Where Is the Best Place to Install a Safe in Your Home

Having a safe in your house might be trickier than you expect since you can't just have it lying around somewhere. Otherwise, having it found by the robbers would prove the purpose of the safe wrong. So, wherein your home can you properly install a safe?


As threatening as it may sound, storing your safe in the garage will keep it where it is, even if burglars attempt to break in and steal the safe. Having a heavy safe or one sealed to the concrete would be impossible for those who try to move it out of the garage without getting caught.

Kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, etc.

These are spaces in your house that the burglars are most likely to look for a safe as one might not think of keeping a safe in these places. For example, you can have a particular space under the kitchen sink for your safe, which would make it difficult for burglars to find it. Consequently, find other areas in your house that you believe burglars would just easily pass by if a break-in ever happens.

Closets and walls

Linen closets are also viable for hiding a safe since you store other essential items in them as well. For a little more creativity, incorporating a safe right in the walls or even the ground will make burglars walk past through it, being unnoticeable.

Not only can you protect your safe from people but also natural disasters like bushfires and floods. Locksmiths recommend these spaces and actions to take if you wish to do so for extra protection of your valuables.

Similar to the previous location, having your safe kept through the walls, particularly at the corners, safely secures your safe in place in the event of a blaze. You may also cement it to the floor, which is especially useful if it has multiple stories. In the event of a flood, keeping it above ground level is the best way to safeguard it from damage caused by the flood.

Thus, keeping a safe in one space depends on your preference and living situation. For instance, it might not be good to have a fixed safety if you are renting the place. Most spaces listed above are away from the entry and exit point of the house and places that are unlikely to keep safe, which is the goal.

FAQs about safe

1- What do you store in a safe?
Now that you know where a safe is supposed to be, essential documents and jewelry are primarily inside a safe. Thus, ordinary or emergency things should not be kept within a safe since they are not important enough to warrant a high level of security.

2- Where should you not keep a safe?
If you plan to maintain a safe in a bedroom closet, it will be the first place that burglars will look into, as it is what most are aware of in storing safes. Another spot where it would be likely to be seen first is in the living room since it is close to the front door. Thus, the best alternative space to keep your safe is somewhere in your home that is unusual enough to install.

3- How do I keep my valuables safe outside?
Admittedly, there are items that you wish to keep in a safe rather than having to bring outside where it is possible to get lost or stolen. Valuables like your wallet and keys are examples of it.
However, an intelligent solution called Surfkeys lessens the weight on your shoulders so that you can leave your actual key at home and bring an effective and duplicate one instead. Surfkeys are waterproof-built keys and are coded appropriately to your car if it has technological applications.
So, if you opt to take a swim and keep your valuables in one space, you wouldn't have to worry about misplacing your original key, as it is guaranteed to be kept safe in your home.

4- What type of home safe is the appropriate choice?
Fireproof home safes give most of the protection you need, whether burglars or natural disasters. It composes heavy-duty and fire-resistant walls that are strong enough to withstand a particular heat temperature. Besides heat, it is also resistant to water and thieves if they attempt to crack it open.
If you wish to know more about safes and how to achieve keeping them away from other people's eyesight, Locksmiths Perth provides a wide range of locksmithing services to your need. Included in their services is safe assistance, suitable for your safety concerns.
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